Middle School

Starting in 7th grade, we work with students to explore their gifts and talents. This unique journey of self-discovery aids them in identifying how they fit into the larger community. Coupled with an emphasis on academic excellence – our middle school students enter high school with a clear understanding of who they are and what they must do to continue working towards an already bright future.

Going into 9th grade students will benefit from our unique and personalized curriculum. We’re proud to regularly partner with local companies to guide students toward high school graduation with work-based learning experiences, certifications, a high school diploma, and a path to post-secondary education. Our promise is that students who stick with us for both middle and high school will graduate with a job offer in one hand and a college acceptance letter in the other. The choice is theirs!


We aim to disrupt the cycle of poverty by ensuring that Rooted students are equipped to succeed in high school and beyond. We exist to provide our students with personal pathways to financial freedom!


  • We push ourselves to grow at all times.
  • We are prepared.
  • We put people first.
  • We push the limits of what’s possible.
  • We never forget where we come from.