The Why

Our Moonshot

228 YEARS: That is how long it would take for African-Americans to accumulate the same amount of wealth whites have now if current policies remain in place. We believe schools can be the source for laying the groundwork to change this and will strive to lay the groundwork for closing this gap in our students’ lifetimes.

We aim to disrupt the cycle of poverty by ensuring that Rooted students are equipped to succeed in their post-secondary plans. We will be successful not just because of the exemplary staff we will have, but because our innovative model, 360 supports, tech-industry certifications, fellowships and internships, and personalized learning our students will receive will place them on a direct path to financial freedom.


We exist to provide our students personal pathways to financial freedom.


  • We push ourselves to grow at all times.
  • We are prepared.
  • We put people first.
  • We push the limits of what’s possible.
  • We never forget where we come from.

Our Promise

We exist to see our students academically prepared and financially free.

Some students will arrive at financial freedom with a college next to their name, others without.

Our job is not to decide how they will get there but to provide them the options to get there.

We teach students how to learn in an ever-changing world, develop their skills in the most in-demand job sectors and create technology that is transformational.

Our first school offers opportunities for students across the digital sector.

Many students will graduate with highly sought after jobs in technology — paying well above the local median wage.

Many students will go onto college with a sense of purpose and a relevant context for being there.

All will leave with a job offer in one hand and a college acceptance letter in the other.